Drew Galloway

Drew Galloway announced on Twitter on Sunday evening that he was officially parting ways with Impact Wrestling and thanked the company for the past two years.

Galloway signed with TNA back in February of 2015. He was released by WWE in June of 2014 and spent time on the independent wrestling scene including a run as EVOLVE Champion. He later captured the TNA Championship in 2016 and also had a brief run this year as the Impact Grand Champion after battling an injury back in October.

As reported on a few weeks ago, Galloway was among many contracts set to expire within Impact Wrestling along with the current tag team champions Matt and Jeff Hardy (who reportedly have yet to agree to terms on a new deal per a report by PWInsider.com). The company will be filming Impact Wrestling TV tapings this week in Orlando.


  1. should get him back in WWE, he was amazing and another under-used talent after all that girlfriend silliness came up.

  2. Great guy I would love to see him pop up in new japan but the guy shouod have a future anywhere.

    So…are the Hardy’s messing up tna right now? Like i know Matt is basically the internet put into the form of a man but do his shenangians feel at home with tna at large?

  3. Yes, the Hardys are messing up TNA if they haven’t already destroyed what little credibility they had left beyond any & all repair. With Galloway gone, they’re probably the last 2 reasons anyone will still watch TNA now but the catch 22 is that they’re turning Impact into their own personal cartoon show which will drive away more viewers. In yet another case of repeating WCW’s mistakes, the inmates are running the asylum and even though the Hardys’ “Broken/Deletion” booking lunacy spiked the ratings temporarily, it’s done long-term damage to the product overall.

  4. I feel like currently Matt Hardy’s story doesn’t feel at home with the more grounded story telling. Like am I suppose to believe time traveling exists while Bobby Lashley plays off super serious mma man.

    Dont get me wrong I am not saying Matt Hardy has to be a serious character, there is a way to blend absurdity with realism (the saints row series) and make it cohesive. But where it is now it’s just kinda killing my desire.

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