Matt Hardy

“Broken” Matt Hardy has been making a series of media appearances recently to help promote the recent episode of “Total Nonstop Deletion” that aired this past Thursday.

Donald Wood of Ring Rust Radio passed along an interview with Hardy where he talked about the changes behind-the-scenes in TNA regarding business going forward.

“I just think that the whole issue with TNA is they are having some overall issues with management, but I think we have a new opportunity. I know a lot of people haven’t met the Anthem people or the Fight Network people, but I think it is going to do wonders for the company. I think in many, many ways they have a fresh slate as far as management for the company. On the talent side, it is greater than ever. The locker room is extremely talented and I think they are extremely willing to go out there and become the success that they have the potential to be. For me it starts at Total Nonstop Deletion. Like I said, there’s going to be so many things that you see in the show that are going to be a first and will blow your mind and that you’ll never be expecting. It’s going to be shot differently, it’s going to look differently, and the fans in the arena are going to look differently as well. This Apocalypto match, and I say this with sincere honesty, I think it’s going to be the most entertaining 45 minutes in professional wrestling that anyone has ever seen. This match will change the way people look at the business and it will change how the business evolves going forward in the future.”

Ryan Rider of Main Event Radio passed along this recap of Hardy discussing his current deal with TNA expiring in February and what his next move could be.

“I don’t know where I will be at this point. I would like to try and help Impact Wrestling grow and reach it’s full potential. Otherwise, Vince McMahahan would love to get his hands on me and my broken brilliance. He loves me and he covets me. In a perfect world if I can come to terms with Impact Wrestling and we can agree on everything, then I could help it reach that full potential. If not I maybe will just come home to Home Hardy and manage things here. McMahahan has a huge monopoly and it’s a great platform to be on but I am not going to be a puppet, a yes man. I will not take direction, I do what I want to do. I don’t know if that will work well there. I will also not do that schedule at this time as I have to take care of young King Maxel.”

Wrestledope passed along this interview with Hardy talking Total Nonstop Deletion.


  1. He was let go a reason. Yes, with age, you get better in the talking part. But he has been a middling performer in the ring for some time now and the unreliability of his brother’s addictions makes that liability to large, he is selling soap if he thinks we believe the WWE needs him. He and Angle cannot go against the WWE talent, You can only hide so many Goldbergs with writing non-competition. TNA is failing because it does not have the talent to draw viewers. Any one of them would jump in a second. Look at what Gallows and Anderson have done as far as waiting in line. They were bigger in Japan than Hardy ever was in TNA in terms of followers and matches. But they willingly jumped. Hell, one of them cannot get his talented wife into the women’s division. But they wait, knowing the wheel will turn and they are making plenty of money meanwhile. Hardy is delusional and using Adam Martin to advance a false story.

  2. It was an in-character interview anyway, so even though you’re right about his limitations it will still serve a purpose in the end

  3. Matt you need to return to WWE one last time. We need your broken brilliance on Raw to DELETE The New Day’s title reign.

  4. It’s a joke to say the roster is better than ever. I am a diehard TNA fan; but the roster is a shell of past years.Styles, Samoa Joe, Aries,Bubba Ray, Roode…..need I go on? Yes they have a FEW main eventers; but not like before. The KO Division and X_Div. are nothing like in the past. Hell, they couldn’t even keep TJP. Impact needs game changing new blood. NOW!!!

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