Jeff Jarrett

Anthem Sports and Entertainment, who is now officially overseeing all business regarding TNA going forward, met with TNA co-founder and current owner of Global Force Wrestling Jeff Jarrett last week according to new reports on Wednesday.

Anthem confirmed with John Pollock of Fight Network (which Anthem is the parent company of) that Jarrett does not have a role with TNA nor is he serving as an advisor as conversations simply began recently between both parties. A report by stated the meeting took place last Monday (December 5) between Jarrett and Anthem’s Ed Nordholm.

The same report indicated that Anthem is the process of trying to understand the TNA business model and more specifically during the era in which Jarrett was heavily involved with business decisions regarding creative. Jarrett officially resigned from TNA three years ago and remained on as an investor. He announced intentions of starting the new Global Force Wrestling brand back in 2014 that he then was allowed to promote on TNA television in 2015 including the Slammiversary PPV.

Should the talks between Jarrett and Anthem progress any further regarding a possible return to the company, the report by PWInsider stated that Jarrett still intends on continuing with the Global Force Wrestling brand as he has been actively taking meetings in Los Angeles along with A. Smith & Co. Productions. TNA returns to Orlando in January for the first set of Impact Wrestling tapings for Pop TV under the new Anthem regime. Both reports seemed to indicate many changes could be coming behind-the-scenes when it comes to TNA going forward in 2017.


  1. GFW has yet to do anything, they don’t even have a proper roster. TNA’s roster isn’t much better, its basically The Hardys & a bunch of indy talent now. ROH is actually the best out of the bunch, they had 1800 fans show up at their last PPV! Not bad at all. TNA hasn’t even drawn half as many fans at ANY of their shows for well over a year now.

  2. I remember going to two of their house shows back in 2011, and the attendance was in the range of 200-400, and these were the Don West days still. Don’t ask me how Lockdown 2013 supposedly drew 7,200 fans.

  3. Their PPVs always drew more than their untelevised house shows because they were treated as more important & worthwhile. I was actually at LockDown 2013 in San Antonio & can personally attest there were at least that many people there. But that was back when TNA had more star power despite being sabotaged by the 4 headed monster of incompetence (Hogan, Bischoff, Russo, Prichard).

  4. Never say die, eh Double J? Well if this finally gets GFW on the air then great because these “news updates” about GFW’s supposedly impending TV deals are getting eye-rollingly tedious.

  5. How can he intend to stay working on GFW when it has been at least a year or two of updates. They even crown champions (like Cody) but when do these matches even take place? Every time I hear about a GFW title change or champion being crowned I always assume it’s in one of those tournaments in Puerto Rico like the one where Patterson was crowned the first Intercontinental Champion.

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