Former X Division Champion

Former X Division Champion done with TNA

Former TNA X Division Champion Tigre Uno announced on Twitter this week that he was no longer with the company, thanking Dixie Carter and Bob Ryder. TNA had announced back in May that Uno had re-signed with the company.

Matt Hardy extends invites to Total Nonstop Deletion

“Broken” Matt Hardy took to Twitter this week to invite various tag teams to the “Total Nonstop Deletion” episode of Impact Wrestling this week on Pop TV including WWE RAW Tag Team Champions The New Day and WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Wyatt Family and Randy Orton.

Wyatt ended up replying to Hardy’s request.

Jeff Hardy highlight

The Fight Network has released highlights of Jeff Hardy’s top five matches in TNA. TNA’s YouTube page has started featuring old content noting that you can stream various TNA classics through the Fight Network app using Apple TV, Rokue or Amazon Fire TV.


  1. Tigre Uno was still there? When was he last on TV? Another great talent squandered by Dixie, Big Dummy Gaburick, & the other booking idiots.
    And Matt, dude, you know WWE won’t officially respond to you like ROH did. Just stop.

  2. TNAs’s X-Division talent is at an all-time low. Now they lose a good one. Need to bring some excitement back to the X Div. NOW!!!

  3. That would imply an inferiority to TNA though and Vince wouldn’t stand for that. They’d probably call him something like El Gran Tigre if they didn’t let him keep going by Tigre Uno.

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