Total Nonstop Deletion

Preview for Total Nonstop Deletion next week on Pop TV

TNA has released the following preview for next week’s “Total Nonstop Deletion” edition of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV from the Hardy compound.

Jeff Hardy on the risks of concussions in his career

Chuck Carroll of CBS Sports is featuring an interview with TNA star Jeff Hardy where he talks about the risk of concussions in his wrestling career.

“I mainly think of Junior Seau. I used to be a huge Chargers fan. He was the linebacker of all linebackers, and when I heard what happened to him, it was so sad. With Daniel Bryan … when you see how much he loves pro wrestling and now is depressed about it, it’s sad. It breaks my heart, and at the same time it scares me, because I know I could be in the same boat at any time in the future.”

Hardy also talks about the “Total Nonstop Deletion” episode next week on Pop TV.

“It all began with The Final Deletion. … We did some amazing stuff there… And now we did Apocolypto, which will be Total Nonstop Deletion. That was filmed on our property, and it’s going to be the funnest wrestling show ever. I can guarantee that, because we did some wild stuff. It’s one not to be missed for sure. I don’t think we would get that creative liberty anywhere else, but I could be wrong.”


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