Billy Corgan

Update on Billy Corgan lawsuit against TNA

Billy Corgan’s lawsuit against TNA is scheduled to be unsealed on Tuesday according to a series of new reports by The compaint in the lawsuit will be rewritten to remove “sensitive material” that Corgan did not want public.

Lashley on reassurance from Dixie Carter

Steven Muehlhausen of the Fight Club Chicago podcast for Sporting News passed along highlights of a recent interview with former TNA Champion Bobby Lashley where he talked about getting a reassurance from Dixie Carter about the stability of TNA going forward.

“I’m not here to worry about what is going on behind the scenes. I’m just here to take care of what I’m supposed to do and getting in the ring. I’m pretty confident right now because since I’ve been in TNA, we’ve always had these same things happen every year. It’s like, ‘Oh, is TNA going to go under? What’s going on?’ There’s all kinds of rumors that get pushed onto the internet (saying), ‘Oh, TNA isn’t going to make it’ or we’re going to move to a different channel or something or another. So, once you have to deal with that one or two times, the third or fourth time, you don’t pay no attention to it and just keep going. So, I don’t even care about the rumors or anything like that. I know that TNA has been around as long as it has and Dixie assured us that things are going to keep going the way it should go.”

Magnus talks leaving TNA

Brady Hicks passed along highlights from the Jordan Garder NOW podcast featuring former TNA star Nick “Magnus” Aldis discussing his departure from TNA.

“I have way too much respect for anybody there. It’s no secret at this point that my departure from there was because of money. But also because of a failed relationship with the guy in charge and that is much my fault as it is his fault. If they (TNA) get acquired by WWE it won’t be the worst thing in the world. If they are going to cease operating at least they could live forever on the network and have a good legacy. I hope everyone there is having fun and continuing to make money.”


  1. Who is Magnus referring to? “The ‘guy’ in charge”? “His fault”? Is Dixie not the one in charge or is he referring to Big Dummy Gaburick? Dixie is the gal in charge, like Lashley here says. Gaburick is just a flunkie underling.

  2. I’m not sure either, but I do know Dixie has never really been in control of creative. Sometimes she would override a Jarrett decision on the NWA World Title back in the day, but she’s never really booked the matches or written the storylines.

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