To follow up on reports yesterday regarding TNA President Billy Corgan filing a lawsuit against TNA Entertainment, Dixie Carter (Salinas), Serg Salinas, Impact Ventures and Dean Broadhead, a spokesperson for Corgan issued the following to today.

“As president, Billy is looking out for the long-term interest of the company, its employees, its talent, as well as its stakeholders and contractors.”

To make matters worse, a new report on Thursday by David Bixenspan of revealed that the state of Tennessee issued a tax lien against TNA Entertainment back on September 18 stating the company owes the state in taxes. This means the state of Tennessee would be in the right to seize TNA property if the debt was not repaid. It was also noted in the report that Tennessee tax law covers successor companies, or Impact Ventures in this case.

The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online also revealed this week that MCC Acquisitions Corporation may have been the company that provided the latest round of funding for tapings dating back to September. MCC Acquisitions Corporation holds the same physical address as Anthem Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of The Fight Network. The debt TNA currently owes to Aroluxe Marketing, Anthem Sports and Entertainment and MCC Acquisitions is estimated to be in the range of $3.4 million.

We will continue to follow this situation as it develops.


  1. Well, how does the United States not go under? They loan money to pay back other loans. “Rob Peter to pay Paul”, I believe the phrase is.

    It’s unfortunate, too. TNA has been really turning their product around and building a strong roster piece-by-piece.

  2. They are signing all these people with unpaid tax debt? Classic TNA. How many people still blame all this on Hogan? It’s Dixie folks. TNA was ok back in the day when they signed Angle and Christian, but then they kept going too far and wasted tons of money. Signing Booker T, Lashley, Foley (yes he was an actual champ), RVD, Hogan, Flair, Anderson, Etc…

  3. United States hasn’t gone under YET. Thanks to all our sh*tbag politicians, Pres. Obomination especially, we’re going to end up like Greece.

  4. A lot of this can be blamed on Hogan though. He & Sleazy E Bischoff started them down this road to ruin which lead to them being canceled from Spike TV and it’s only gotten worse from there. They did to TNA just what they (& Russo) did to WCW. And yes, Dixie is just as much to blame because since she didn’t learn from history, it has repeated itself in her company.

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