Robbie E

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling passed along an interview with TNA star Robbie E where he discussed a number of topics including the financial issues with the company going public the week of the Bound For Glory PPV and negativity among wrestling fans.

Here are some highlights.

On the vibe backstage within TNA with financial issues going public:

“I think people think wrestlers read the internet more than they actually do. Maybe some do, but I’m just not a wrestler who does stuff like that. I don’t do like ‘internet stuff’ so I look at it all differently than other people do. I think (the) mood is always awesome at TNA. Why wouldn’t it be? We are getting paid to be wrestlers and we all live in nice houses and drive nice cars (at least I do) and why wouldn’t we all be in a good mood?”

Negativity among wrestling fans in 2016 about the possibility of TNA closing:

“The thing is do you know when I’ll worry about when TNA closes? When TNA closes. Until then, who cares? Over the past six years every other month people are saying it is closing and why are you saying this? The thing is in 2016, I guess, it’s just cool because it’s not just TNA it is just what people do in general and it is be negative and it is cool for them to do. People just bash stuff and be negative and that sucks.”


  1. People are negative because TNA has been feeding the fans shit for years. However much they might be improving their shows now, it’ll take a while to build the company back up to a respectable level.

    They have .ed up consistently over the years and while this idea that TNA is the little engine that could is a nice one, the fact of the matter is the company has only been around this long because they had rich backers to bail them out.

    I’m .ing tired of TNA apologists painting the picture that anyone with anything negative to say about TNA just wants the company to fail, or they just enjoy being negative. It’s such a line of bullshit

  2. True stories bro. TNA talent fails to realize is tho they may live in nice houses and drive nice cars,TNA is a skeleton of what it use to and will never be what it could have been. A once TNA faithful now it hurts me to watch the program. Everything just seems so underwhelming that it really does look like a glorified indy show. So no the fans are negative because of how negative TNA was when it came to listening to their fans. They listen when its too late and that Robbie E is disrespectful but you noticed no talent will say that tho. No TNA as a whole product sucks no matter what they do.

  3. Lets be honest Robbie E is one of the reasons why the X Division looks like crap now so of course he’s towing the company line

  4. They’re might be TNA apologists that say those things (though I rarely see anything resembling that if they exist. In fact quite the opposite), but it doesn’t make what he said about internet trolls with no life any less true.

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