Impact Wrestling TV tapings

Some news and notes from the final set of TNA Impact Wrestling TV tapings in Orlando on Sunday where TNA held two tapings from Universal Studios to air in December.

10/9 TNA Impact Wrestling TV tapings:

* TNA is scheduled to end the year on Pop TV with a taped special from Matt Hardy’s estate along with some recaps of the year.

* Moose def. Aron Rex to become the new TNA Impact Grand Champion.

* The TNA Knockouts Championship is now vacant after Rosemary and Decay attacked Gail Kim. Kim is reportedly nursing an injury at the moment.

* Rosemary def. Jade in a Six Sides of Steel match to become the new TNA Knockouts Champion.

* The DCC group (James Storm, Bram and Eddie Kingston) attacked Jeff Hardy and Matt made the save.

* Shera and Al Snow def. The Tribunal in an Indian strap match.

* Segment took place where Allie slapped Maria. Maria fired Allie.

* TNA World Tag Team Champions Matt and Jeff Hardy def. Bram and Eddie Kingston to retain.

* Billy Corgan booked Allie vs. Laurel Van Ness. If Allie wins, she gets a TNA contract and if she loses, she’s gone.

* Allie def. Laurel Van Ness to earn a TNA contract.

* Drew Galloway made an appearance and wanted a shot at the TNA Impact Grand Championship. Aron Rex interrupted saying he deserved the first rematch.

* TNA Impact Grand Champion Moose def. Aron Rex to retain the title.

* Mandrews def. Aiden O’Shea.

* TNA Champion Eddie Edwards vs. EC3 went to a no contest. EC3 had Edwards in a submission, but had his shoulders down and the referee counted the pinfall just as Edwards tapped out.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online


  1. Yup. And Shera (the guy Al Snow turned on & attacked) runs out to save Snow. Enjoy your declining viewership TNA. Its because of pure stupidity like this that fans have been tuning out.

  2. Someone being betrayed by their own group has been done before. Remember when Evolution turned on Randy Orton? Or when the Nation of Domination turned on Faarooq? How about when the IV Horsemen made Sting a member of their group then turned on him at Clash of the Champions X when he wouldn’t give up his title match against Ric Flair? Or in TNA when The Gathering turned on Raven? There are other examples. What happened to Al Snow is nothing new.

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