TNA IMPACT Wrestling taping results

The following was taped on Tuesday from Orlando.

10/4 TNA Impact Wrestling taping results:

Episode 1 (10/20)

* TNA Tag Team Champions The Broken Hardys def. Decay in a Lethal Lockdown Match.

* Lashley def. MOOSE.

* Eli Drake “Facts of Life” segment with TNA Grand Champion Aron Rex. EC3 and Jessie Godderz get involved and it leads to a brawl between the four.

* Mike Bennett w/Maria def. Shera.

* Segment where Allie turns on Maria Kanellis, but then is laid out by Maria and Laurel Van Ness. Maria announces Allie vs. Laurel Van Ness for next week.

* TNA Champion Eddie Edwards def. Cody Rhodes to retain the title. They shake hands after until Maria runs out and attacks Brandi Rhodes. A mixed tag match is announced for next week between the Bennetts and the Rhodes.

Episode 2 (10/27, partial)

* TNA Grand Champion Aron Rex and Eli Drake def. EC3 and Jessie Godderz.

* Segment with TNA Tag Team Champions The Broken Hardys. Leads to the Tribunal running out and attacking them.

* Segment with Robbie E. and Grado with Grado wanting to become a Bro Man. Ends with a new group with a “DCC” logo flashing on the screen laying them out, dressed in all black with white masks.

* Cody and Brandi Rhodes def. Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis.



  1. So Aron Rex is already a heel? That was fast. Oh boy… another masked faction in TNA. So its basically Aces & Eights all over again. Well hopefully Ryback is revealed as leader or something. TNA really needs some big names right now.

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