Dixie Carter

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Dixie Carter held a locker room meeting prior to the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings last night in Orlando.

Here are some highlights of what was said.

Late payments
Some talents were paid late. Dixie Carter said that this happens sometimes because TNA waits for money that’s owed to them and once it’s received, talents are paid.

Rumors on WWE buying TNA
Carter confirmed rumors WWE wanted to purchase TNA, but she wouldn’t let that happen. Carter also revealed the video library is still owned by them.

Rumors about Bound for Glory not happening
Carter admits that there was some scramble heading towards the PPV (something Billy Corgan commented publicly about in the media), but the PPV was going to air regardless.

According to the report, Carter apparently was surprised to see wrestlers worried about the status of the company. She apologized over the concern many may have had. Dixie did ease some of the concerns many had, but there is still some worries about where the company is heading financially.


  1. Dixie Carter really has no clue about the business. I feel bad when people have to sit there and have her admit yeah well sometimes we don’t pay people.

  2. If WWE purchased the video library, they could use it to make tons of WWE Network content and DVDs for any of the now-WWE guys that were once in TNA (Sting, Styles, Joe, and Roode, Young, Aries, etc down the line,) and TNA could never again use the archival footage for anything – not even hype packages – without having to pay for it. As far as the company as a whole goes, if WWE purchased it, there’s an insignificant chance that it would continue at all. Some of the guys have parted ways with WWE, they’d either be let go all over again or high-tail it due to having just left that relationship (EC3, James Storm, Rex, Rhodes, Kanellis, Kim, maybe a couple others.) Some of the TNA talent would get NXT contracts. The rest would be heading to WCPW or maybe RoH if they’re lucky. It would end the company, pure-and-simple.

  3. It isn’t that they’re not getting paid; it sounds like they’re waiting on advertising revenue from POPtv, so they’re just being paid after the fact. TNA isn’t a company like ECW, with its “Island of Misfit Toys” mentality and fierce loyalty built up over the years; if these guys were not getting paid at all, they wouldn’t come to work.

  4. That’s a great point. Also,some could go to Lucha Underground,AAA,NJPW,or any other wrestling company.

  5. I’ll give Dixie Carter credit,she ain’t letting the company go without a fight. I would like to think if Jeff Jarrett bought TNA it could dissolve into Globe Force Wrestling and thus GFW will have a network to air their episodes and TNA will still live on but in spirit via GFW (but that’s just wishful thinking). The only reason I could think of WWE wanting to buy TNA is because their ratings have been fairly good since the Final Deletion storyline,while WWE’s ratings have dropped or struggled.

  6. Who would buy WWE versions of TNA content when you could buy the TNA dvd for $5? Who wants edited versions of the TNA years? I disagree completely. When WWE buys video libraries, they really edit the content a lot, to where it almost looks like all those guys were WWE creations when they weren’t.

  7. You can go buy all three best of AJ Styles DVD sets for $30 total. Also, the Samoa Joe DVD, Christian Cage DVD, both Jeff Hardy best of DVDs, Sting DVD, and the tag teams DVD with Beer Money, and you’d have all the old matches for $100

  8. They actually pull a fairly solid rating, all things considered (and are, in all likelihood, the highest-rated program on the channel (unless that awful Alan Thicke reality show really pulls in the eyeballs.)) Bigger problem – and this is what we saw with Destination America – is that for some reason, wrestling is seen as an advertiser wasteland. I guess advertisers consider Raw’s 3.5 million viewers as lesser viewers worthy of their Progresso Soup ads than the 50,000 watching that rerun of Forensic Files on TruTV.

  9. Who would buy WWE versions of TNA content when you could buy the TNA DVDs for $5? People that had never heard of AJ Styles until February this year. People who still haven’t heard of Samoa Joe. People who have WWE Network and would totally watch “The Journey of AJ Styles” after SmackDown but wouldn’t buy a DVD. There’s an audience there for it, and it’s the more casual side of the WWE Universe.

  10. I had the network for three months and cancelled it. The PPVs are lackluster IMO, and all the “old stuff” people talk about, I already have on DVD or VHS unedited. I guess some people will watch it, but Dixie can only hold out for so long. The video library while extensive, isn’t worth as much as she thinks. Even TNA doesn’t offer all their PPVs on their website. You have to go to Ebay or Amazon to find some.

  11. TNA’s ratings have been a bit boosted since Final Deletion, and WWE’s ratings’ve been slumping a bit for WWE, but they still get about 10x the viewers that TNA does.

  12. their main sources of income are tv ads, because they don’t travel, so they have to wait on the ad revenue to come in to pay their wrestlers. this is why they are subject to not always getting paid on time. and lets give dixie credit. she could have sold tna to the wwe an ran away like a theif in the night but didn’t. she wants to see tna become some thing other than another wwe trophy on vinces desk like wcw and ecw did.

  13. And AWA, and WCCW, and Stampede, and GWF, and Mid South/UWF, and Deep South, and Georgia Championship wrestling, and……

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