Impact Wrestling TV tapings

Eddie Edwards def. Bobby Lashley to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion at tonight’s 10/3 TNA Impact Wrestling TV tapings for Pop TV in Orlando.

Lashley had held the title since June, winning it at the Slammiversary PPV.

A photo quickly made the rounds on Twitter tonight of the title change.

Eddie Edwards is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion


  1. What?! Wow, what a joke. So dumb. Lashley was one of the few good things about TNA. He was doing some great work, and I loved the push he was getting as an unstoppable beast. I mean just look at the guy! Stupid move to ruin all of this by putting the title on Edwards of all people. Makes Lashley look pretty weak now. No wonder viewers have been tuning out in recent years.

  2. Just because he lost the Championship doesn’t mean he’s tainted, useless to TNA, or anything like that. And nobody can be Champion forever. Edwards’ll get some mileage out of the TNA roster as Champion and Lashley will get matches that are more important to him as he bids to regain his title. Edwards will make a good Champion (I seemed to think so when writing my BfG Predictions article over the weekend,) and I’m finding myself liking the idea of Eddie Edwards vs Eli Drake far more than Lashley vs Drake.

  3. Why is it a stupid decision to have someone unexpected as Champion? Sabin’s run was ruined by a poorly-executed end, and Eric’s by bad opponents. But Austin Aries? Great run. So why couldn’t Eddie Edwards – who is quite the accomplished wrestler – be more like Austin Aries?

  4. Congrats to Eddie Edwards!!!!! You deserve it, I wish I had POP TV so I can watch TNA but unfortunately my cable provider doesn’t carry it, but to hear that this happened is like Rollins winning over Lesnar @ Mania! He was a great ROH World champ, his matches with Davey Richards were classics! I think he will make a great TNA champion!!!!!

  5. Well the week before BFG he couldn’t beat DJZ now all of a sudden he beats Lashley?!? No sense

  6. It probably won’t last long, either Cody or Aaron Rex will win it soon! Probably before this series of tapings are over!

  7. Aries first run wasn’t great. He feuded with Bobby Roode, then lost to Jeff. Him winning the title meant Storm vs. Roode – a feud they’d built for a year and one that had great heat coming in – was placed in the midcard while he and Hardy had a decent but relatively tame main event at the so called biggest show of the year.

  8. why does it have to make sense it’s not real. lol if it’s entertaining then thats all that matters in pro wrestling.

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