The following was taped on Wednesday from Orlando for a smorgasbord of content including episodes of Xplosion and One Night Only PPV specials:

TNA taping results for July 22, 2015:

* Drew Galloway def. Bram

* Rockstar Spud def. Grado

* Awesome Kong def. Madison Rayne

* EC3 def. Austin Aries

* Bobby Roode def. James Storm

* Abyss def. Eric Young

* Matt Hardy def. Davey Richards

* Brooke def. Gail Kim

* Kenny King def. Aiden O’Shea

* DJ Z def. Tigre Uno

* Tyrus def. Chris Melendez

* Micah def. Eli Drake

* Robbie E. def. Eddie Edwards

* Jessie Godderz def. Crimson

* Manik def. Mandrews

* Mahabili Shera def. Crazzy Steve

* Drew Galloway def. Grado

* Eric Young def. Bobby Roode

* Bram def. Rockstar Spud

* Rockstar Spud def. Bram

* Lashley def. Mr. Anderson

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online