John Corrigan of is featuring an interview with Global Force Wrestling founder and CEO Jeff Jarrett discussing the new partnership between GFW and TNA Wrestling and how he defines the identity of GFW going forward.

On the business relationship between GFW and TNA:

“Well, I’ll say it’s a business relationship that came about in a real last minute jolt. It’s no secret that Global Force, as part of our business statement, that we want to connect fan bases, connect audiences, connect different styles of wrestling. We’re in the beginning of what I’ll call a talent trade. I came back to TNA two weeks ago and made my return in the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary. We announced shortly thereafter that Bobby Roode is headed to Las Vegas for our TV tapings. We haven’t decided exactly how far we’ll go with this, but we’re definitely in discussion.”

On how he defines the branding of Global Force Wrestling:

“I believe there are a lot of styles available, whether they be lucha libre or strong style from Japan or all the different promotions throughout Europe. We want to put all those different wrestling styles under one umbrella where the fans can win. What I mean by that is fans can see fresh matchups and different styles. That’s our main focus inside the ring. Then outside the ring, it goes without saying that not just in professional wrestling, but in any sports or entertainment brand, you have to be highly engaged with the audience. If you go to our YouTube channel, it shows that we’re not about writing stories—we’re about documenting stories.”

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