TNA executive Bob Ryder answered a series of questions on the TNA-based website TNA Mecca this week including the possibility of going after unsigned Ring of Honor talent, plans for TNA live events in 2015, the planned Bound for Glory PPV this year and more.

Here are some highlights courtesy of

If TNA has any plans to work with ROH as they are now with Global Force Wrestling:

“We have had talks at various times to see if ROH would want to do business with us. They weren’t interested at the time. Maybe we should get aggressive and go after some of their unsigned talent? That would be interesting.”

On planned live events in 2015:

“We are starting back with 3 in September. We have Bound For Glory in October and may add shows the same weekend. May have an international tour in November (waiting on building avail), and could add December shows.”

On TNA’s new business model using talent not under long-term contracts:

“Some will like it some won’t. Will be a rebuilding process to replace those who left.”