With TNA’s new television deal announced to begin in January 2015 with Destination America, Impact Wrestling will not be airing in Canada for the time being according to a report by Mike Johnson. TNA is said to be currently in negotiations to bring Impact Wrestling back on Canadian television networks.

TNA’s previously signed television deals internationally are said to be unaffected by the new deal with Destination America. However, Discovery Communications, the parent company of Destination America, now has the rights to distribute Impact Wrestling to other international markets.

As mentioned yesterday by Spike TV President Kevin Kay in a statement, Impact Wrestling will cease airing on Spike TV on December 24. Last night’s broadcast of Impact Wrestling was the final first-run programming for TNA on Spike and after a pre-emption next week, “Best of 2014” editions of Impact Wrestling will air on Spike from December 3 to their final airing on December 24.

Source: PWInsider.com