The following was taped on Tuesday from Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios. 

TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for May 8, 2014:

* MVP promo. Calls out TNA Champion Eric Young. MVP begins to announce who will face Young at Slammiversary for the TNA Title, but then lays him out and says its himself.

* Willow def. Magnus by DQ when Magnus’s new bodyguard, Bram (WWE NXT’s Kenneth Cameron) ran in and laid out Willow. 

* The Beautiful People def. Brittany & Madison Rayne in an Evening Gown Match.

* TNA Tag Team Champions The Wolves def. The BroMans in a Ladder Match. 

TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for May 15, 2014:

* Kazarian def. Crazy Steve. Knux’s new stable of Rebel, himself, Crazy Steve and the Freak has mood lighting and music playing throughout their matches. 

* Eric Young & MVP go back & forth on a promo with Young challenging MVP to a match.

* Willow def. Magnus & Bram in a Handicap Match. Magnus & Bram argued afterwards. 

* James Storm def. Mr. Anderson

* Backstage segment between MVP & Eric Young where they brawl. MVP low-blows Young and accepts his challenge.

* Gail Kim def. Velvet Sky

* TNA X-Division Champion Sanada def. Zema Ion & Tigre Uno

* TNA Champion Eric Young def. MVP by DQ after Kenny King interfered and attacked Young. Bobby Lashley ran in and acted like he was going to make the save for Young, but he also attacked Young. MVP, Lashley & King laid out Young to close the tapings.