The following was taped on Monday in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios.

TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for May 1, 2014:

* Backstage vignette with Gunner, Mr. Anderson, Bobby Roode in MVP’s office, wanting a TNA Title shot. MVP says they will decide this by drawing cards. The two lowest cards face each other, then the winner faces the highest card for a title shot. 

* Magnus promo, wanting another title shot. Abyss attacks Magnus and grabs his favorite weapon, Janice, but Magnus flees. 

* Bully Ray promo with a table that has “DIXIE” written on it. Bully promises to put Dixie Carter through a table. 

* Gunner def. Mr. Anderson after James Storm interfered, but it cost Anderson.

* Kurt Angle vs. EC3 announced for the 5/8 IMPACT. EC3 & Rockstar Spud do a sparring session, then Angle comes out and says he will beat EC3 next week. 

* Bobby Roode def. Gunner to earn a TNA Title shot. 

* Dixie Carter comes out and has security bring out the table Bully Ray brought out earlier that had her name on it. Dixie says she never forgot how Bully double-crossed her at Lockdown and bragged about putting him through a table at Sacrifice. Bully comes out and lays out the security. Bully goes to powerbomb Dixie through the table, but MVP comes out and stops him. 

* Willow def. James Storm by DQ after Mr. Anderson interfered and laid out Storm. 

* Segment with the Beautiful People celebrating Angelina Love’s Knockouts Title win. Beautiful People act like they are gonna do a striptease, but instead mocked the crowd. Gail Kim comes out and went after the Beautiful People. Beautiful People fled the ring, but Madison Rayne & Brittany stopped them on the rampway and stripped them of their dresses. 

* TNA X-Division Champion Sanada & TNA Tag Team Champions The Wolves def. The BroMans. 

* TNA Champion Eric Young def. Bobby Roode to retain the title.

TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for May 8, 2014 (partial):

Knux promo with his new posse of Rebel, Crazy Steve and the Freak.

* Knux def. Kazarian

* EC3 def. Kurt Angle

* Segment where Eric Young & Bobby Roode agreed on a re-match for the TNA Title. MVP comes out and says the match won’t happen on this week’s show, but promises a big TNA Title match for Slammiversary. Roode rips on MVP, then the two get into it.