Brian Fritz sent this in.

Here is my story on Eric Young about winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship for The Orlando Sentinel with quotes from Young:,0, 

Here are some excerpts from the interview. 

On winning the TNA Title: “It was a complete shock to everybody. I’ve always believed that I could do it. I always believed that I could be in that position. I can hang with anybody. You always dream about it when you start in wrestling and as a kid. To be honest, it was even more perfect that I thought it was going to be.”

On if he feels any extra pressure with being TNA Champion: “To be honest, this might get me in trouble but I don’t look at it at all. I didn’t look at it for my TV show. I don’t look at it for wrestling. I’ve got no say. The only thing I have power over is my output, what I put into it and my commitment to what I’m doing and that’s 100% every time. Hurt, sick, tired, you’ll get 100% from me every single night no matter that. That will never change. I’m still going to entertain people. I’m still going to make people laugh. I’ve always prided myself on my physicality too. I’m a professional athlete. I likely could have played professional rugby overseas. I’m a professional athlete and that’s always been a part of who I am and now people are getting a chance to see that. It’s another dimension to Eric Young.”

You can also listen to the entire interview with him at at this link: