Marc Kruskol passed along these notes.

Austin Aries was a guest on Man School, hosted by Caleb Bacon

Christopher Daniels was interviewed by Sports Palooza Radio

Austin Aries was interviewed by Fred Richani / Sport Courier:

Time Codes:

00:40 Green Bay Packers
01:25 TNA Genesis
01:53 X-Division
02:44 Almost retiring from wrestling in 2011
03:30 TNA Impact Wrestling success
04:39 Life outside of the ring
05:44 Biggest misconception about vegans
06:50 Staying in shape on the road
08:00 The importance of a publicist
09:17 Star quality and confidence
11:31 Talent level on indies
13:13 Learning
15:49 Biggest rookie mistake
17:10 Funny story about teaching a young wrestler respect
20:10 How many capes do you own?
20:27 Last Chancery submission
21:17 Hardest guy to get up for the brainbuster?
21:57 Using the brainbuster as a credible finisher
22:40 AAA Lucha Libre on El Rey Network in the U.S.
23:16 WWE Network: Will it hurt or help wrestling?
24:21 Dream opponent
25:15 Hulk Hogan
26:40 AJ Styles
27:26 Advice