The “Busted Open” satellite radio show is featuring an interview with former TNA star AJ Styles who talked about a variety of topics including his contract expiring with TNA and his reaction to Jeff Jarrett announcing his departure from TNA.

On returning to Ring of Honor in Nashville on Saturday:

“I can’t imagine that I am–that it’s blowing up or getting a little bit more attention because of me but–because Ring Of Honor is such a great place to work and it’s very respected. I don’t know anybody who’s ever really watched the show that hasn’t enjoyed it. So it’s going to be fun going back and a lot of people think that I did this on purpose. That the very place I’d first be wrestling after my contract is up with TNA is in Nashville, Tennessee with Ring Of Honor. That wasn’t planned that way. It wasn’t on purpose, it was coincidental. But then again if you’re gonna start back with ROH, what a place–I mean I started in Nashville, so a lot of people–at least my career, as far as TNA started in Nashville. They know me up there, you know? So it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be fun.”

On being featured on TNA television after his contract expired:

“Well, it seems that the dirt sheets are way off on this one. How many times did you hear that I was signed with TNA and now I’m not signed with TNA? They’re way off on this thing. They’ve been all over and then there’s people saying, ‘Oh, it’s a work, it’s a work.’ Because they don’t want to be fooled and they are not going to admit when they are wrong when I haven’t signed a contract. I don’t know man, it’s just–it’s been a crazy time for me, these couple of weeks. And I don’t want you guys to think that I’m mad at TNA, cause I’m not. I’m not bitter towards them. I don’t hate them. I hope they do well. I got a lot of good friends that wrestle there and I hope that it’s successful. It was just an opportune time for me to take an opportunity to go wrestle somewhere else, where I may not have that opportunity again. And that’s basically what this has come down to. And I left the door open for TNA and I hope they continue to leave the door open, that you know maybe sometime in the future, I will be back. But that I don’t know and like I said, I left the door open.”

His reaction to Jeff Jarrett announcing his departure from TNA:

“Real shocking. To see the man that help start the company and the man that I know loves that place. And wants to see that company do well. For him to say you know what? I’m done with this. I can’t do anything else. It’s surprising. Because I just figured that if it was gonna go down, the captain would go down with his ship. But it’s honestly–it makes you think. If Jeff Jarrett is willing to depart with the company then you know what’s going on out there? How frustrated are they up there? It’s hard to say, man but it was very surprising to see Jeff Jarrett leave.”