Jeff Jarrett not taking part in a recent “One Night Only” TNA PPV special that would feature stars from the past including former world champions seemed to be quite telling of his current position within the company. According to a report by Dave Meltzer, Jarrett “lost all of his political power” when TNA President Dixie Carter felt he lied to her when he denied a relationship with Kurt Angle’s now ex-wife Karen Angle (now Karen Jarrett). Both Jarrett and Karen were written out of TNA storylines at the end of 2011 in a move done to allow Jarrett time to focus on outside projects including Ring Ka King.

When that project wasn’t renewed in India and another project developed for The Speed Channel (All Wheels Wrestling) wasn’t picked up, Jarrett moved on to create other projects for the company. With the exception of a few AAA events, Jarrett has done little wrestling. He filmed a part last year in the new movie “Spring Breakers” that was just released. Both Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard were against bringing him back as a talent according to the report.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter