Christopher Daniels talks about 20 years in wrestling

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Former TNA star Sonjay Dutt makes his rap debut

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I was just on Warren G’s official website and had to do a double take… Sonjay Dutt’s name was on there! I checked out the track and Sonjay Dutt just made his rapping debut!! He’s actually rapping on the song with The Asoka and Stat Quo (Eminem & Dr. Dre’s protege)!

Stat Quo is Dr. Dre’s protege and writes songs for some of the biggest names in hip-hop including Dr. Dre, Rick Ross, Keri Hilson and he just executive produced the new Game CD (which was number 1 on the charts)!

Sonjay actually sounds like a real rapper! lol The song’s up on iTunes and Amazon

The song is called Heart of a Lion (it’s track 11) on the new Asoka CD! I’m impressed man, I think Sonjay just outdid John Cena’s entire rap career with one move! It’s nuts!

Didn’t see it posted on any of the news sites yet, figured I’d pass it along!