Wrestleview reader Basil Mahmud sent this in.

X Division Championship Match: Kenny King def. Sonjay Dutt & Zema Ion in a Triple Threat Match

Hogan came out and introduced Samoa Joe, Magnus, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Hardy as the “locker room leaders” and then a promo leads into Jeff pitching a Fatal 4 Way match for the Number 1 contendership to Bully Ray’s TNA Championship. Hogan agrees for the match to be later tonight.

Matt Morgan def. Joseph Park

Mike Tenay comes out and calls for AJ Styles to come out and explain his actions from last week. Before AJ can speak, Taz gets on the mic and offers AJ to be a member of Aces & 8s and start from the bottom and work his way up. James Storm comes out before AJ can respond to Taz and cuts a promo on AJ. AJ simply walks away afterwards without saying anything.

TNA Tag Team Championship: Austin Aries & Bobby Roode def. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Kazarian and Christopher Daniels interfere in the match giving Aries & Roode the win. After the match is over, Daniels & Kazarian attack Aries & Roode.

Taryn Terrell came out to apologize for attacking Gail Kim again on Impact last week, Gail Kim comes out and tells her she’s gone too far and asks for Brooke Hogan to come out, Brooke fires Terrell, but then Brooke re-hires her as a TNA Knockout. Terrell and Kim brawl to the back, while Brooke looks on from the ramp. Bully Ray comes out and stalks Brooke until she turns around. They argue and then Bully holds his hand up like he’s about to hit her, but doesn’t. She goes backstage.

Jeff Hardy def. Samoa Joe, Magnus, and Kurt Angle to be the new #1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Some notes: A lot of the fans didn’t know TNA was doing double TV tapings and started to leave before JB can announce another set of tapings is going to happen. Crowd was very dead for the X Division match. Also, the audio was horrible all night as they only had speakers near the stage, so most of us couldn’t hear parts of the promos.