Wrestleview reader Anthony Pape sent this in.

Sorry, not sure the order they will be placed in.

Hulk Hogan calls out the 4 leaders of the fight against Aces and 8’s (Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus). Loud pops for Joe in Chicago!

He asks Hardy if he is ready for a rematch against Bully Ray, Hardy says why don’t we have a fatal four-way between the 4 men in the ring and the winner gets Bully Ray. Hogan agrees and we have our main event.

Kenny King successfully defended the X-Division Title against Sonjay Dutt & Zema Ion

Matt Morgan defeated Joseph Park with the Carbon Footprint

Knockouts segment with Taryn Terrell apologizing for her actions in recent weeks. Gail Kim comes out and asks for Brooke Hogan to come out and give Taryn some consequences. Brooke fires Taryn as a ref, but hires her as a TNA Knockout, Taryn takes Gail down and chases her off. Brooke stays on the ramp, but her hubby Bully Ray comes out and taunts her and Brooke walks off yelling at him.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode successfully defended the tag titles against Chavo and Hernandez after an assist from Daniels and Kazarian. But after the match, Daniels and Kazarian attack the champs.

In the main event, Jeff Hardy pulled off the victory with a Swanton Bomb onto Samoa Joe. Great main event! Lots of Joe and Angle chants.