David Moss sent this report in.

I’ve attached some pictures and a report from last night’s show.

As far as I know this was TNA’s first show in Bowie, MD and drew considerably less than they normally do in Upper Marlboro. It being Labor Day weekend could have had something to do with it. It was a fun but very short show. Everytime I see TNA live it seems like the actual wrestling part of the show gets shorter and shorter.

Opening match was Christian York vs another local guy who’s name I didn’t catch. Actually one of the better matches of the night. York lost.

SoCal Val came out for ring announcing. They were using a 6 seater golf cart to transport wrestlers to and from the ring.

Austin Aries came out to cut a promo which led to the battle royal to decuide who was in the main event. Went to a no contest leading to Aries, Styles and Angle vs Kazarian, Daniels and Roode.

Next up was Gail Kim vs Mickie James, quick match, James won.

Match three was Zema Ion vs Sonjay Dutt. I don’t know if Dutt is back with the company but he got a great reaction from the crowd (He’s somewhat local) and the to put on a really good but fast match.

Out came Jeff Hardy, which in turn bought out the Aces & Eights member. They brawled around the ring and back inside where Hardy hit two Twist of Fates but no Swanton. Ace’s & Eight’s guy bails out and leaves back thru the crowd.
This led to intermission. All night we saw lightning and not even three minutes after intermission started the sky opened up. It was a quick storm and within 30 minutes the show was back on.

After intermission we had James Storm vs Magnus. Magnus got on the mic and talked about how he had his choice of living in Virginia or Maryland and choose Virginia because of all the toothless hillbillies in Maryland. Storm won in another less than 5 minute match.

The main event was Austin Aries, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs Kazarian, Christopher Daniels and Robert Roode. The guy brawled throughtout the stands, the bleachers and AJ tossed Daniels into a ring truck and Aj slid maybe 6 feet before jumping up and doing the unpire “safe” motion. Decent match with Aries team getting the win.