Matthew Wilkerson sent this report in.

It’s a little late coming but I also have results from TNA’s Richmond show. I travelled from Arlington to Richmond just to see Mickie James & Jeff Hardy on their birthday (Mickie even thanked me for it on her Twitter page :D).

1st match was a battle royal to determine who would face Austin Aries for the TNA title in the main event. AJ Styles, Magnus, Zema Ion,Sonjay Dutt, Kurt Angle, James Storm, Kazarian, & Chris Daniels were all the participants. It came down to Styles & Daniels when Bobby Roode & Kazarian interfered. Angle & Aries make the save and the challenge is made from Aries for a 3 man tag later that night between Aries, Styles, & Angle vs Roode, Daniels, & Kazarian.

Mickie James beats Gail Kim (After all the times they jobbed out Mickie to Gail in those Knockouts title matches, seeing Mickie beat her alone made the trip worthwhile).

Zema Ion beats Sonjay Dutt by spraying hairspray in his eyes.

Jeff Hardy came out to throw T-shirts to the fans when the Aces & 8s leader came through the crowd. Jeff Hardy challenges him to an impromptu match and wins when Aces & 8s leader runs away.

Magnus came out and did a heel promo against the Richmond fans. James Storm then does a promo defending the fans. Storm wins the match with a Codebreaker & Last Call.

Daniels & Kazarian came out to do a very long & very funny promo running down Richmond & Virginia in general. Aries, Angle, & Styles beat Daniels, Kazarian, & Roode when Aries hits Daniels with his brainbuster.

I also attended Mickie James’ concert at Kingdom. She was spectacular and sang songs from her last album & her new upcoming album along with “Hit me with your best shot”. James Storm, Austin Aries, Chris Daniels, Magnus, & Bobby Roode were there along with her parents & various other family members. However, Kingdom is a HORRIBLE venue. They made us wait outside in the heat on a broken cobblestone street for over an hour. The heat inside was just as bad to the point that one woman even fainted from heat exhaustion. The stage lighting was also very lousy. Mickie’s concert was probably the best thing that ever happened at that wretched hole. Mickie was awesome but Kingdom gets a thumbs down.