The following was taped on Tuesday, August 9 in Orlando, Florida:

Dark Match:

-Jesus Barbosa def. Jayson Cyprus

Impact Wrestling for August 18:

-Sting came out with a chair. As he walked to the ring, he fell and flopped all the way down the ramp. Sting gets in the ring and says he did that because he lost his mind and was reenacting what happened to him last week. Sting says he the fans want to see Hulk Hogan wrestle and he wants to give that to them.

Ric Flair comes out and says he wants to fight Sting again. He has an “itch” to be one of the greatest in the industry again. Flair says Dixie Carter can’t pay him enough to wrestle but he still wants to wrestle Sting one more time. Flair says if he beats Sting then Sting will have to retire. If Sting wins then Flair will deliver Hogan to him. Sting accepts the match.

-Scott Steiner def. Devon in a Bound For Glory Series Match. Steiner had his feet on the ropes. Samoa Joe attacks Devon after the match so Devon’s kids come into the ring and get in Joe’s face. D’Angelo Dinero runs down to separate the kids and Joe.

-Austin Aries def. Jesse Sorenson in a Gauntlet Match for a shot at the X-Division Title. The match also included Robbie E, Zema Ion, Mark Haskins, Kid Kash, Anthony Nese, and Alex Shelley. Aries fought with Kendrick after the match.

-Mickie James def. ODB. Jackie shook Mickie’s hand after the match.

-AJ Styles def. Rob Van Dam via DQ in a Bound For Glory Series Match. AJ had RVD beat so Jerry Lynn pulled the referee out of the ring. Styles and RVD yells at Lynn after the match.

-Crimson comes out and calls out Kurt Angle. Angle comes out and says Crimson is a nobody. Crimson says he is somebody and challenges Angle to a match next week. Crimson says he is real, damn real.

-Mexican America def. Beer Money for the TNA Tag Team Championships. Hernandez hit Roode with Jarrett’s AAA Title. Jeff and Karen Jarrett celebrated with Mexican America after the match.


-Magnus def. Alex Shelley in an Xplosion Title Challenge Match

-Abyss def. Kazarian