7/28 TNA Results: Austin, Texas

Eric Jones sent this report in:


Me and my daughter bought $50.00 tickets in the 4th Row that also included a special “Meet and Greet” with the TNA talent roster. Upon entering the building at 5:30pm we are introduced to Mr. Don West and his special “protege” guy. OH!!! and they have some deals for u folks!!! Buy a special guitar for $175.00 and you can partake in a different uber top secret VIP “Meet and Greet” during intermission that will have even more TNA talent to sign autographs and take pictures. We decided to instead get a Live Program for $20.00 and one of the famous “Brown Bag Specials” for $20.00 that included the brand spankin’ new Impact Wrestling shirt, a TNA drawstring bag and 4 Random DVDs (Against All Odds 2009, Genesis 2007, Bound for Glory 4 and Lockdown 2008). On to the event:

Triple Threat Match: Shannon Moore v. Brother Devon v. Hernandez

Winner: Shannon Moore.

Moore managed to turn heel and then back to face in one match by turning on Devon and teaming up with Hernandez then turning on Hernandez and teaming with Devon. Devon shook his hand afterwards. Poser chant directed towards Mr. Dilligaf ensues. Devon was waaaaay over for the Austin crowd.

Knockouts Tag Team Match: Sarita & Rosita v. Mickie James & Velvet Skye.

Winner: Mickie James & Velvet Sky.

They gave the Knockouts about 25-30 minutes in the ring and it wasn’t all that bad. Funny spot where Rosita thought she had grabbed Velvet’s arm to wrench it on the ropes facing the crowd but had really grabbed Sarita’s arm. Faces were over big time.

Bound For Glory Series Match: The Pope v. Samoa Joe.

Winner: The Pope.

Pope hit the reverse on a Joe Muscle Buster and got the roll up for the win. 7 points for Pope. Crowd was really into this match with “Joes gonna kill you” chants. Joe went to kill Brian Hebner after the match for what he thought was a quick 3 count. Luckily, the young Hebner ran for his life. Good match.

Bound For Glory Series Match: Bully Ray & Gunner v. Beer Money

Winner: Beer Money.

Bully took the mic before the match and got cheap heat putting over the fact that he is from NY. Beer money comes out and clears house. Good tag match and 7 points each for Bobby Roode and James Storm. After the match, Bully Ray blamed Gunner for the loss and they got nose to nose. Seconds later, they hugged, the lulz. Fun Match w/ goofy house show stuff.

Side note: during the match i look over and see the sloth of human sitting next to me picking his boogers and staring at his blackberry with pictures of either Sarita or Mickie James roast beef. Guy smelled like a mix between Cheetos and beef jerky.


During the show, my daughter made a friend with another little girl that’s family came in from San Antonio. It just so happened that they had bought one of those $175.00 guitars I mentioned earlier…and apparently, me and and my daughter were invited to go with them in their “group” to the uber duber special VIP ” Meet and Greet.” I went in and low and behold there was Jeff Jarrett, Mr. Anderson, Bobby Roode, Hernandez, Velvet Sky and AJ Styles. We got our pictures taken, shook some hands and got some autographs. Very cool experience for me and my daughter. Well worth the $175.00 with the guitar if you haven’t ever met these guys before. They really took the time out to interact with the fans.

What’s a Crimson? v. Jeff Jarrett

Winner: Whats a Crimson? to keep intact his Goldberg streak. Jeff Jarrett was sporting the AAA Heavyweight Belt before the match. Random “You sold out” chants. If they are going to push Amazing Red’s Brother like this, they need to give him a better finisher. Match was only good because Juff was in it.

Main Event: Mr. Anderson v. AJ Styles

Winner: AJ Styles. Biggest pop of the night when AJ came out. I didn’t hear a single A##hole chant through out the match. Anderson was playing heel pretty hard, even in the “meet and greet.”

After the match, they announced that AJ Styles and Beer Money would be in the ring to take pictures for only $20.00 per group. OR if you bought the guitar package earlier you would get in free. So, I found my favorite group and took a picture with the 3 members of Fortune. So, I got in the ring, and did my best HBK pose in front of Fortune. Afterwards, I gave some James Storm a couple of ideas on where the best place to get lit afterwards was.


I want to emphasize how much of a great experience this show was for me and my daughter. I’ve been to PPVs, Raws, Smackdowns and I have never been in such a fan friendly environment before. I mean, I have been a fan for 20 years and the first time I stepped into a wrestling ring was tonight. Going between the ropes, jumping up and down on the mat, posing with some of my favorite wrestlers, getting to meet J-E-Double F J-A-Double R-E-Double T and my daughter getting to meet her favorite Knockout. Very fun night, bring the wallet and an open mind. You won’t be disappointed.

Best Match: AJ Styles over Anderson via Styles Clash.

Biggest Pops:

AJ Styles
Velvet & Mickey James
Beer Money

Biggest Heat:

Mr. Anderson
Bully Ray & Gunner
Jeff Jarrett
Shannon Moore