The following was taped on Monday, July 25 in Orlando, Florida:

Impact Wrestling for July 28:

-Kurt Angle called Hulk Hogan out, demanding to end their differences once and for all. Hogan came out and asks Angle why he doesn’t want to join Immortal when all he’s trying to do is make Angle more money. Angle says he’d beat Hogan up if he didn’t have respect for him. Hogan said he’ll never step foot into the ring again due to eight back surgeries. Hogan says everything Angle has done is a fluke, including winning the gold medal. Angle says he knows Hogan can still go. All Hogan wants to do is get Angle to take Sting out for him. Angle tells him to do it himself and leaves the ring.

-Rob Van Dam def. Gunner in a Bound For Glory Series Match

-Sting announces himself to Immortal as the new Network executive. They’re bringing in more X Division stars. Sting also books Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson in a Cage Match with Fortune surrounding the ring.

-Brian Kendrick and Alex Shelley call out Austin Aries. Aries says they can please the fans but he doesn’t care. Aries wants a five-star bank account and wants the X Division Championship. They book a three way match between the three at Hardcore Justice. Abyss comes out and says he wants his rematch for the title as well. Sting appears on the screen and says Abyss will face Brian Kendrick in an Ultimate X Match.

-Crimson def. Bully Ray in a Bound For Glory Series Match

-Winter def. Tara

-Velvet Sky and Traci Brooks call out ODB and Miss Jackie. They went back and forth for why they got released. Velvet says she was bullied when she was younger and she will not be someone’s punching bag now.

-Brian Kendrick def. Abyss in an Ultimate X Match to retain the X Division Championship. Abyss was scared to climb up and grab the title.

-Kurt Angle def. Mr. Anderson in a Steel Cage Match. Immortal fought with Fortune at ringside. Mexican America ran down to even the odds. Sting raised Angle’s hand after the match.


-Crimson def. Devon in an X-Plosion Championship Series Match