According to a report by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, things between TNA and Ric Flair don’t appear to be good right now following an incident at the 7/1 TNA house show in Brooklyn, NY where Flair didn’t appear before the audience despite being advertised to do so.

Flair was not booked for the most recent set of Impact Wrestling TV tapings in Orlando this week and was also left off tapings heading into the Destination X PPV as well. The story provided by some in TNA was that Flair wasn’t going to be booked for those TV tapings anyway since the build was for an all X Division PPV, yet the shows leading into the PPV still had major storylines developing.

Flair also wasn’t booked before the Brooklyn event for a while in what some viewed as a cost-cutting measure since he is one of the highest paid people on the roster currently. It should be noted that D’Lo Brown was the TNA agent at the Brooklyn house show and had words with Flair who didn’t want to go out in front of the people. Flair stated he wasn’t told he would be performing and that he agreed to do an autograph signing as a favor to Terry Taylor (the former VP of TNA talent relations, a title now held by former WWE employee Bruce Prichard). He ended up making an appearance in Asbury Park, New Jersey the following night in front of a much smaller crowd.