The following was taped on Monday, July 11 in Orlando, Florida:

Impact Wrestling for July 14:

-Immortal threw a party for Mr. Anderson in the ring, complete with a poker table. They stroked all their egos until the lights went out. When they came back on Sting was sitting at the poker table. Sting said he’d make a bet with Bischoff on who was leaving with the title tonight. A bunch of Sting look-a-likes were seen in the rafters and Sting said they’d make sure no one messed around in his match tonight. Sting flipped the table and left.

-Booby Roode def. Samoa Joe & The Pope in a Bound For Glory Series match

-Austin Aries def. Shannon Moore

-Tara def. Madison Rayne

-Kurt Angle talks about his TNA Title match at Hardcore Justice. Angle says he’ll get Anderson whether he’s the champion or not. Angle hopes that Sting wins because he’s never beaten him yet.

-Mexican America def. The British Invasion to become the number one contenders for the TNA Tag Team Titles

-Sting def. Mr. Anderson to become the TNA Champion. Bully Ray interfered but one of the Sting look-a-likes hit him and Anderson with a bat. Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop for the win.