Josh Stewart sent word about an interview he recently conducted with TNA star Jeff Jarrett where he addresses critics who say TNA is not profitable at the moment.

“Has been for years, absolutely. The thing is, I totally respect that fact. Because as a businessperson, you look at the odds of any startup business lasting more than five years, the odds are extremely against it. And in the early years, no, we weren’t making money, and that was a completely legitimate question. But as time has gone on, we’re seen in more than 100 countries worldwide, translated into 14 languages, JAKKS with our action figures, our online presence, touring over 100 events a year, internationally I think we’ve gone to the United Kingdom four times with a tour. It’s a great time to be in TNA and continue to expand.

I’ll say this: Wrestling fans, you have to take the good and bad of [them]. Because No.1, they’re highly critical of everything you do; they like to be Monday morning quarterbacks. But that’s all part of professional wrestling. It sort of makes up the uniqueness of our business. Along with that, I’m fine with them criticizing us and saying we should do this or do that. But from a business side of things, like you’re saying, when misinformation gets out, it’s not conducive for anybody when you put out total mistruths. But, hey, we’ve learned to accept it and move on. We worry about our bottom line, and let the chips fall where they may.”

Full interview:
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