As we reported on yesterday courtesy of Devin Cutting, a new promotion called “All Wheels Wrestling” will be debuting on 6/29 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida at Soundstage 21 where TNA holds television tapings for Impact Wrestling and various PPV events. Various wrestling media sources revealed on Friday that the trademark and web domains for this new promotion are owned by different subsidiaries of TNA, giving the impression that TNA could be launching another brand of wrestling.

The pilot taping is for the Speed Network with the potential for a full blown series in 2012. According to, Speed has been interested in promoting some kind of wrestling related programming. In addition to TNA being involved, Hermie Sadler will also play a role as well. One source stated that Jeff Jarrett was also involved with the launch of the project, but that has yet to be confirmed as of this weekend. The announcement of the taping did catch some TNA staff off guard as it wasn’t being discussed internally.