Kevin Eck posted an interview he conducted with Chyna. A few notes:

Q. Are you planning to do more adult films?

Chyna: I don’t see why not. Like I said, it was a really positive experience.

Q. I read a quote from you recently in which you said that doing this movie potentially cost you a contract with TNA. Can you elaborate on that?

Chyna: Well, I haven’t actually really spoken with them since I did a television spot and the pay-per-view, but it was never a contract on the line. They asked me to participate in the angle of what they were doing and I thought it would be fun. I went and I talked with them, and it was wonderful to see some old friends. I was elated, and so I did it. We hadn’t really talked about a deal. I just didn’t think that was something that I really wanted to get back into full force. They’d have to make me a deal that I simply couldn’t say no to, because I fought [to own the name Chyna] for years.