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The Official IMPACT WRESTLING Fantasy Game has arrived. If you think you know everything about IMPACT WRESTLING – better yet, if you think you can predict everything that’s going to happen on IMPACT WRESTLING – now there’s finally place to truly test that knowledge. Featuring a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind scoring system that tracks and awards points for happenings in each episode of IMPACT WRESTLING as well as Pay-Per-View events, the IMPACT WRESTLING Fantasy Game takes the extremely popular world of Fantasy Sports inside the ring…where “Wrestling Matters.”

Free Trial Period To Kick-off With Slammiversary on June 12 – Sign Up Now At

How To Play:

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“Our fans can now visit to compete against one another the same way that tens of millions of Americans play fantasy football, baseball, basketball, golf and other fantasy sports each year,” said Al Ovadia, Chief Marketing Officer of TNA Entertainment, LLC.

“Our fantasy engine takes fantasy sports and entertainment to the next level, and may even change the way our fans tune-in. We have created a unique scoring system, a schedule that requires line-ups to be locked prior to IMPACT WRESTLING tapings, and ‘fantasy seasons’ that will last three months , in which fans can build teams that accumulate points based on IMPACT WRESTLING stars that they select to be on their fantasy rosters, ” added Ovadia.

Fans can create a fantasy roster to compete in the main public league free of charge, or upgrade to the premium Commissioner Package for less than $2 a month, which allows the user to create and customize an unlimited amount of their own private leagues to compete against friends and family, and hold live online drafts with league mates. The game includes customizable scoring, a live trash talk/trade talk feature, and real-time live scoring functionality, which enhances the fan experience, allowing access to a real time play-by-play of events and tally of fantasy points during each episode of IMPACT WRESTLING and Pay-Per-View broadcast.

“This isn’t your average fantasy sports and entertainment game,” said Paul Hickey, President/CEO of Fantasy Brand Marketing, LLC, the official fantasy partner of TNA Entertainment, LLC .. “A word to IMPACT WRESTLING fans and fantasy sports players alike – it’s not what you think. Wait until you see what we’re awarding points for and how we’re awarding them. Wrestling Matters…and everything that happens throughout every show matters when it comes to trying to win your fantasy league.”

– Prior to Season One of the IMPACT WRESTLING Fantasy Game, a one month free trial period will begin with the summer’s hottest Pay-Per-View, “TNA Slammiversary” on June 12, allowing fans to build their leagues, hold their live drafts and set their rosters.

– Rosters will lock prior to each IMPACT WRESTLING taping, assuring no unfair advantage for anyone who attends a live taping, or reads about the results. All of the game’s features will be offered free of charge, until the free trial period culminates with the airing of IMPACT WRESTLING on Thursday, July 7.

– The Official Season One of the IMPACT WRESTLING Fantasy Game will kick off on July 10 with Destination X. At that point, the three-month fantasy season format will take shape, and a free version of the game will remain, along with the ability to upgrade to premium features. Season One will culminate on Thursday, October 13 with the airing of IMPACT WRESTLING.

– Season Two of the IMPACT WRESTLING Fantasy Game will kick-off at TNA’s biggest PPV of the year, Bound for Glory, on October 16, and the quarterly fantasy season cycle will repeat itself.

– Fans will have multiple opportunities each season to manage their rosters by making waiver moves and trades, and they’ll be able to either redraft their teams prior to each season, or carry over rosters from season to season.

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