Josh Stewart passed on some additional quotes of his ESPN interview with former WWE Diva and current TNA Knockout Mickie James talking about WWE deciding to pass on co-promoting with her venture into country music and her new album.

“They had every opportunity to jump onboard if they wanted to, and I would have welcomed it. If they wanted to wrap a tour around some of the live event shows, Or maybe market the album itself. I think because it’s an industry they really don’t know anything about… Country music has a loyal, loyal fan base, just like wrestling, just like NASCAR, just like any diehard sport like that. So I think it’s an easy crossover if it’s marketed correctly. But if you’re completely ignorant to the whole process, or you don’t know anything about country music, you probably can’t open up to that idea because it’s not your world… I think if they had a little more of an open mind and actually grasped the concept and actually taken the ball and ran with it. I think they had a really killer idea on their hand that they probably dropped the ball on.” When contacted for a response, her former employer simply responded, “WWE wishes Mickie James the best in her country music career.”

Full interview:
Mickie James: Country and WWE Do Not Mix