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The Pope D’Angelo Dinero was a guest tonight on Right After Wrestling with Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas. Highlights:

– Talking about the evolution of “Da Black Pope” in the WWE into “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero in TNA, and how the creative sides of WWE / TNA are different
– How his amateur career in boxing caused him problems early on in pro wrestling, particularly with “worked” punches
– Working with Mr. Anderson, and thoughts on him as well
– How he’s excited about working in TNA since day one (and recollecting on his first night)

“TNA (script) says, ‘Pope walks in, Pope cuts a promo, Pope leaves’. It’s that simple. That makes it fun. It doesn’t say, ‘Pope enters, Pope says “I’m the Pope, who are you, this is why I don’t like you”… no! TNA says “go be Pope”. Can’t no 40 year old white dude write a promo on how a black guy from Harlem, New York is supposed to act! They never been in black skin! They don’t know where this gimmick has evolved from, so kudos to TNA for giving me that freedom.”

Also on Right After Wrestling, we discuss the Boston Herald article where Vince McMahon briefly talked about talent meetings, and Jimmy Korderas explains WWE talent meetings in detail.

Both podcasts of the latest Right After Wrestling episode and the full interview with the Pope D’Angelo Dinero are available here:

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