Rosie sent this in:

Kurt Angle has posted his support of Linda McMahon running for U.S. Senate in Connecticut on his Twitter page (anglefoods1).

According to Angle, “To all Connecticut residents, as u know linda mcmahon is running for office. I worked with linda on many projects in wwe. Linda was a professional that got things done. I worked with her on “smackdown ur vote” among many other projects. She is smart, bright and a true leader. I am now in tna and it doesn’t benefit me to talk about linda or what a great woman she is. I saw with my own eyes. She’s honest, sincere and always looked out for what was best to her employees. Linda was the positiveness in wwe. She has the qualities that I would want in a politician. She listens to you, and always does the right thing. If I were living in Connecticut, I would vote for her with pride and an eagerness to get the economy, real estate and health reform back on track. Remember, I’m in tna and I don’t plan on leaving, but I want what is best for this country and linda mcmahon has that “IT” factor you rarely see in today’s leaders. Good luck linda. GOD bless, kurt angle 1996 olympic gold medalist and proud AMERICAN.”