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– In a dark match Christina Von Eerie who works for Triple A teamed up with Shannon Moore to d. Cookie aka Becky Bayless and Okada.


– Hulk Hogan calls out Hardy, Pope, Anderson Jarrett and Angle. He says they need to step it up and raise the bar. Abyss comes out and says he reveal who “They” are at Bound for Glory and it is not EV2.0 or Fortune. Hardy attacks Abyss and they brawl.

(1) Stevie Richards d. Abyss when he was distracted by Brian Kendrick. After the match Abyss tried to attack Richards but Kendrick pulled Stevie out of the ring and they hugged.

(2) Madison Rayne and the Biker Girl d. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. After the match the Biker Girl revealed herself to be Tara.

– Desmond Wolfe and Magnus called out the Motorcity Machine Guns. They had a back and forth on the microphone. They will meet for the tag team titles at No Surrender.

– Jeff Jarrett saw Samoa Joe backstage and asked him again for his help and he Joe said no.

(3) Sting d. Jeff Jarrett when Kevin Nash got involved. Hogan tried to make the save after the match but was beat down. Samoa Joe then came out and beat down both Nash and Sting.

(4) Fortune d. EV2.0 in an elimination match.

(5) Mr. Anderson and The Pope d. Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy. After the match all four men brawled.