Homicide, who was recently cut by TNA, is one of many former and current TNA midcarers very unhappy with the company at the moment. In regards to Homicide, he had been requesting his release from TNA for over a year now and was constantly denied. Others have in the past as well.

The Figure Four Weekly Newsletter reports many talent are not only frustrated with how they are used at TV tapings, but also how they are used at house show events outside Orlando. As has been the case for some time now, anyone who wants to book a TNA star for an indy show must clear it first with the TNA office (and anyone who has dealt with TNA’s office in Nashville knows what kind of a headache that is with phone calls and emails almost never being returned).

In addition to having to clear bookings with TNA, the company also charges a fee that many have described as being overly ridiculous, even more so for talent that are hardly used on TV (they justify the high price based on Spike TV exposure). Some talent are allowed to make their own bookings with certain promotions, but even that creates problems as they have to clear it with TNA first to see if they are being booked at house show events. Based on this report, one of the more frustrating thing for midlevel talent is being offered an indy booking, being told by TNA they can’t do it since they are being booked for house shows only to find out they have been pulled from the house show dates. So not only does it create frustration, but it also costs the talent from making income elsewhere.