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(1) The Motorcity Machine Guns d. Generation Me in a non title match.

(2) Angelina Love d. Madison Rayne in a non title match. Velvet came out after the match and celebrated with Love so it appears that the original Beautiful People are back together.

– Rhino calls out Abyss for what he did to RVD. He comes out and they get into brawl.

(3) Desmond Wolfe d. Dr. Stevie.

– Dixie Carter comes out and calls out Flair. She suspends him for his recent actions. Fortune comes out and gets in her face and Dixie’s husband Serg jumps the rail and gets in the ring. This leads to Hogan, Angle, Hardy, Pope and Anderson all coming out. Hogan says Flair is non suspended and that tonight Fortune will take on his team in the main event.

(4) Samoa Joe d. Orlando Jordan. Jarrett comes out after the match and asks Joe to be in corner for his match with Nash just in case Sting trys to get involved. Joe says no and walks off.

(5) Kevin Nash d. Jeff Jarrett following a bat shot from Sting. Bischoff comes out after the match and runs down Sting. He is distracted long enough for Hogan to come from behind and nail him with a steel chair.

(6) Beer Money d. Tony Luke and Guido Maritato.

(7) Kurt Angle, The Pope, Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson d. AJ Styles, Douglas Williams, Kazarian and Matt Morgan. Angle had the match win the Angle Slam but Pope blind tagged in and stole the pin. Angle and Pope argued after the match. The EV2.0 guys came out and the show closed with another huge brawl.