TNA star Kurt Angle recently spoke out on his official Twitter page regarding his name, along with UFC star Shane Carwin, being made public by Assistant U.S. Attorney Donna Dobbins on August 13 as being recipients of steroids during the sentencing hearing of J. Michael Bennett, supervising pharmacist at Applied Pharmacy Services of Mobile, AL.

As reported earlier, Bennett was sentenced to four years in prison on conviction of participating in a nationwide conspiracy to sell anabolic steroids made in Mobile. He was convicted on five counts total, including drug distribution and distribution to a person under the age of 21. He is the first of five doctors convicted.

Angle wrote on Twitter, “Rumors by media keep coming up. I was under medical supervision for meds back in 2003-2005. I had no involvement in this Alabama case. Put it to rest and come up with new material to write about. You’re all hideous. I apologize for my stern comment, but I want to move on with my life and put the past behind me, mainly the mistakes I’ve made. That’s all.”

The Applied Pharmacy Services case was first made public back in 2007 by Sports Illustrated where Angle’s name was the most featured. Angle claimed he was prescribed steroids for various injuries and that he had no idea his doctor went to an illegal pharmacy to get the orders filled. Angle, who was listed as seeing Dr. David Wilbirt of Phoenix (Angle doesn’t live in Phoenix), received Trenbolone, a steroid that is only legal for usage on livestock and not on humans. He received the drugs from October 2004 through February 2005.