Because of the new tournament involving the now vacated TNA World Heavyweight Championship (an idea done at the last minute), The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that all previous booking plans for the Bound for Glory PPV in October has changed. The planned angle of having Kurt Angle go from No. 10 to No. 1 in the rankings leading to a title match and most likely title win at Bound for Glory is now off because of the tournament.

As reported earlier, TNA’s deal with Rob Van Dam was running out of dates and they ran this angle to explain his absence. His contract with TNA called for him to earn more money per match if they started to go over the limit of dates he agreed to. So they decided to run the Abyss attack angle instead of paying more with costs being cut virtually everywhere in the company (another sign things are not going well in 2010).

Both Sting and Kevin Nash have been booked sparingly as well because of the company trying to keep costs low. Ric Flair has the same kind of deal with TNA and it is believed that that they are coming close to going over the amount of dates he agreed to. However, in Flair’s case the belief is that will continue to pay his price for going over dates.