8/12 TNA Results: Mobile, Alabama

Nicole Brown sent this report in:

Jeremy Borash comes to the ring to give out backstage passes. TNA staff comes out and says Matt Morgan says no fans allowed in the backstage area. This leads to a match between Matt Morgan and Jay Lethal.

Matt Morgan vs. Da Pope DeAngelo Dinero- Winner Matt Morgan….Not much crowd participation. Decent pop for Pope. Decent heat for Morgan.

Taylor Wilde vs. Madison Rayne- Winner Taylor Wilde. Equal pop for both.

Team 3D vs. Ink. Inc.- Winner Team 3D via the 3D on Jesse Neal

Kevin Nash vs. Jeff Jarrett- Winner Nash via help from referees Brian Hebner & Slick Johnson triple teaming Jarrett

AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal for the TNA Television Championship- Winner AJ Styles via Styles Clash

Main Event
Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy w/ special referee Mick Foley- Winner Jeff Hardy via Swanton Bomb- Huge pop for Hardy.

Not a lot of people there. Definitely not as many as WWE house shows I have been to, but they are extremely fan friendly. A friend bought my ticket & they sold us tickets in a section blocked off so we got to sit pretty much anywhere we wanted.