DJ.BIGTYME BEATS sent this report in:

Dark Match:

* Jesse Neal defeated Sam Shaw in 4:49. Shaw played the role of Lupus at the TNA Hardcore Justice pay-per-view. Neal won with a spear in a dark match.

iMPACT, Airing Thursday:

* Jeremy Borash came out to open the iMPACT! taping.

* Kurt Angle defeated A.J. Styles in 8:20. A.J. tapped out. Surprisingly, Angle does not retire this week (sarcasm).

* Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne to win the TNA Knockouts Title in 3:45. Velvet Sky removed the biker chick’s helmet, but she had a mask on.

* Pepa of Salt-n-Pepa is in the front row.

* Matt Morgan defeated D’Angelo Dinero and Mr. Anderson in a three-way match in 3:48. Anderson had Pope covered, but Morgan broke it up and pinned Pope himself.

* Jeff Hardy’s open challenge was accepted by (drumroll)… Shannon Moore. I hope someone else comes out. Really?

* Jeff Hardy pinned Shannon Moore in 6:45. Hardy pinned Moore after hitting the Swanton. They hugged after the match and there was a nice OMEGA chant from the crowd.

* The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Beer Money in a best of three falls match to retain the TNA Tag Titles. Great first fall. Robert Roode pinned Alex Shelley following the DWI at 8:03. The second fall saw Shelley pin Roode in 1:25 after the MCMG combo neckbreaker and splash combo off the top rope. Chris Sabin pinned James Storm in 6:52 to win the third fall. Pyro after the win. A super hot match that earned “Match of the Year” chants. Said to be ‘f–king amazing.’

* Rob Van Dam defeated Abyss in a Stairway to Janice match to retain the TNA Title in 17:12. Eric Bischoff was special referee. After the match, Hogan came out to congratulate RVD, and then he invited EV2 out. Hogan left.

EV2 celebrated and then the lights when out. When the lights came on, Beer Money, A.J. Styles, Kazarian, Douglas Williams, and Matt Morgan beat and bloodied EV2. Ric Flair came out and chased Dixie Carter to the back. EV2 was destroyed. Flair said it’s Fortune’s house and they set the bar, not EV2.