Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven
Special guest referee: Mick Foley

Before the match, Mick Foley said this match was anything goes. Raven gave Dreamer a low blow shot before the bell rang and they brawled to the outside as we got the official bell ring. Raven with a russian leg sweep on Dreamer into the steel ring barricade. Dreamer grabs a soda, takes a drink and spits it in the face of Raven. Back in the ring, Dreamer grabs a steel chair, sets it up, picks up Raven, attempts a suplex, Raven counters and then drop toe holds Dreamer face first into the chair. Taz mentions Paul Heyman on commentary wondering what he must be thinking tonight watching the show. Dreamer is busted open as he rolls to the outside and is right in front of his girls at ringside along with his wife Beaulah. They are doing a “Beyond the Mat” documentary reference here with Foley’s kids in the front row at Royal Rumble 1999. Dixie Carter gets help to take Dreamer’s girls to the back. Back in the ring, Raven chokes a bloody Dreamer with his boot. Dreamer then counters another drop toe hold attempt with one of us own on Raven right into the steel chair. Dreamer rolls out and grabs a sign from a fan that says, “Tommy, use this sign.” Dreamer comes back in with it and cracks it over the head of Raven. Raven is busted open over his eye now as Dreamer reveals a “dead end” sign was what the fan gave him. Dreamer gives Raven a suplex over the dead end sign. Dreamer grabs a ladder from under the ring and sets it up in the corner. Dreamer slides Raven under the ladder and catapults him face first into the ladder. Dreamer props Raven up on the top turnbuckle, but when Dreamer tries to climb up over the ladder, Raven pushes him away and Dreamer crotches himself in the ladder. Dreamer with a dropkick to the face with Raven in the tree of woe. Dreamer then grabs barbed wire, wraps it around the face of Raven and locks him in the crossface. Blood is pouring down Raven’s face. Raven is close to tapping out when Nova and the fake Blue Meanie hit the ring to break it up. They attack Foley and Dreamer. Dreamer fights back taking both Nova and the fake Meanie out. Raven hits Dreamer with an Evenflow DDT, but Dreamer kicks out. Raven’s lackey hits the ring and hits a top rope leg drop on Dreamer. Foley grabs the barbed wire and gives Raven’s lackey the mandiable claw using the barbed wire. Blood is gushing out of the mouth of Raven’s lackey. Foley chases him away and returns to the ring. Raven handcuffs the arms of Dreamer and starts beating him over the back with a steel chair. Beaulah runs down and tries to talk Raven out of continuing the beat down. Raven hugs her and then hits Dreamer with a steel chair to the head. Raven teases he is going to hit Beaulah and Foley gets involved. Raven low blows Foley. Dreamer, still handcuffed, kicks Raven and hits a DDT. Dreamer rolls on top of Raven for the pin and Raven gets a shoulder up. Raven grabs the chair again, hits Dreamer some more hitting his injured knee and then hits the Evenflow DDT again over the chair. Raven covers Dreamer and gets the win.

Winner: Raven

After the match, we see highlights of the fight leading to the finish. Back live, a bloody Tommy Dreamer heads to the back along with his wife Beaulah.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash and SoCal Val plug exclusive videos on from tonight. The Gangstas walk up. Mustafa walks off with Val, while New Jack tells Borash he is now his bitch.

A video package airs reflecting on Paul Heyman with various former ECW stars.

* Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu is up next to close the show.