Stevie Richards w/ Nova & The (fake) Blue Meanie vs. PJ Polaco (aka Justin Credible)

Lots of exchanges early in the match. PJ backs Richards into the corner, hits a few knees and chest chops. Richards responds with a few chops as well. Richards tosses PJ into the corner who slides down and crotches himself on the steel ring post. PJ fights back powerbombing Richards from the corner back to the mat. PJ with a modified tornado DDT on Richards. PJ with a jawbreaker, but Richards fights back with a stiff kick to the gut. Richards tosses PJ over the top rope over the steel steps when he attempted to jump back at Richards. Richards with a quick backbreaker on PJ followed by a sitdown powerbomb for a close two count. PJ catches Richards out of no where with a superkick. PJ with his tombstone piledriver on Richards and breaks up the pinfall when Nova distracts him. This allows Richards to recover and take out PJ with a huge superkick for the pinfall.

Winner: Stevie Richards

After the match, PJ Polaco grabs a singapore cane and starts hitting Stevie Richards with it repeatedly. The lights go out in the Impact Zone. When they come back on, PJ turns around and it is The Sandman with a singapore cane in hand. Sandman takes out PJ with a russian leg sweep and a shot to the head with a singapore cane. Sandman breaks PJ’s singapore cane and stands over him as the fans cheer.

Francine sends a video message thanking everyone and mentions she is now a stay-at-home mom.

We take a moment to pause for those who have passed away that were former ECW stars.

* Up next is a three way dance: Brother Runt vs. Al Snow vs. Rhino