Ryan Hare sent word that Christy Hemme blogged today on her official “MySpace” page about her neck injury that was reported on by TNA forcing her to be pulled from tonight’s Genesis PPV. Here is what she had to say:

“So yes, it is true and unfortunately not a work… sorry, I really wish it was! I have two herniated disks in my neck. The doctors want me to have surgery right away but I found an alternative solution that could possibly get me back even quicker, woohoo! It is called NCR (neuro cranial realignment). I went to Seattle for a week to basically have rods shoved up my nose and into my head where they blew up a ballon to move my Sphenoid Bone (your temple bone) which apparently alines your entire body. Yeah, it was the weirdest feeling and grossest sounds I have ever felt and heard. My head moving and a lot of crunching… EWWWW! Anyways when all was said and done it made me an inch taller, straightened out my scoliosis and lordosis a ton and even my ears that were pretty crocked lol! My bones will continue to move for another month. The whole point to take all the pressure off those disks to let them heal on their own… come on lil guys heal hehe! To be honest this has been going on a while and I just didn’t know what it was, my body would give me as many matches as I needed to get though and then sometimes my neck would completely lock up and I would get numbness in my arms and legs… but I kept going and refused to stop until after a day of some heavy training when AJ “caught” me in some pain and basically told me we wouldn’t continue training until I got it checked out (thank you AJ, I can be a bit stubborn and invincible). So I went and got an MRI that revealed the little buggers! I desperately wanted to still wrestle and at least do my match at Genesis. It crushed me to be told no but I know that TNA is protecting me and I plan on having on hell of a career here… so if that means stopping for a millisecond then so be it… cuz Im coming back with more HEMME fire than EVER!! Thank you soooo much for all of your support XOXO, Christy”