TNA’s website has posted the following statement from Kevin Nash:

Greetings from Charlotte, still.

I know I???ve only been in the airport, hotel and hospital since I???ve been here after arriving late Saturday afternoon, but I???ve run into some very nice people.

The hospital staff is very nice, and one young brunette nurse is really a looker. Kinda tall Megan Fox-looking.

I have some sort of infection in my right elbow; the culture has not come back yet. The doctors have been treating it as MRSA. For those of you who do not know, MRSA is an antibiotic-resistant infection. A mutated superbug. Lucky me.

Oh, by the way, did I tell you that I was operated on Monday afternoon. That??’s surgery No. 27. After being cut on that many times, sometimes you forget, even if it was just Monday when I was operated on. (Editor??’s note: Nash??’s arm was cut open to drain blood due to massive swelling).

Don???t know when this will heal, depends on how my body reacts to the antibiotics.

I have a gaping, open wound in my elbow, with the equivalent of a small ShopVac hooked up to it. I???m sure I???m paying 2-bills to rent that bad boy. When I go home, I???ll hook up the Black & Decker, and save the insurance company some money.

Hated missing the Pay-Per-View because I felt like the Mafia was just starting to get some momentum. But my left arm is OK, so I should be able to whack somebody at the next iMPACT events in Orlando.

Heard Kurt and Jeff had a great match; I look forward to watching that.

I would like to continue on with this blog, but American Idol is upcoming. Can???t miss.

I???ll blog more this week.

Nash ??????The MRSA Man???

Oh MRSA, MRSA me ??? things ain???t like they used to be.

Kevin Nash